Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Zeppelin reunion tour could lead to quite the half-time show...

I recently heard the news about the Super Bowl.

News about the Super Bowl?

Well yes, apparently Bruce Springsteen has been tentatively signed to be the halftime entertainer for the 2009 edition of the pigskin Winter Classic. This is undoubtedly good news for the many legions of Springsteen fans out there ( and I do count myself among them somewhat), however it got me to thinking about a certain British rock band which just happens to be the subject of this here blog's title. Yep, I'm talking about the day dream idea of seeing the one and only mighty Led Zeppelin taking center stage for the Super Bore - oops, sorry - Bowl. Maybe pipe dream would be more apropos?

Whatever, you have to admit that if the wildly speculated about reunion of the Zepp ever did take shape, and the band wanted to quell any remaining questions about their ability to still kick out the jams as it were ( ie. whether the earlier reunion gig last Fall was a one-off lucky fluke quality performance at their age), what better way to do so than to take center stage at the super Bowl and show the world one more time that they can still bring the house down?

Yeah, I couldn't think of one either.

To be sure there are those out there that might even prefer to see Springsteen at the big game instead of Zeppelin, suggesting that maybe the Zepp couldn't heat things up enough for the crowd compared to the Boss; to this I say thee Nay! Just try imagining a set that could include such Zeppelin gems as Black Dog and Rock and Roll among others and I think that such a concern is soon allayed.

Now we just have to address the concern of the Zepp still sounding noncommittal about any future reunion. Now there's a concern not so easily allayed. Sigh...

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