Monday, April 7, 2008

Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour: 'Over the Hills and (How) Far Away?'

If nothing else, Led Zeppelin fans are known for their patience and perseverance.

So, just where are we at this time? I mean what can we realistically expect from those Led Zeppelin boys, Plant and Page?

Late last November the media went for the bait, when the Cult's front man, Ian Astbury, made a veiled announcement that the Cult would be opening for Led Zeppelin on a 2008 world tour. This announcement has since been partially dismissed ( you can't really say discredited, because the door is still open for a later tour start date somewhere around the end of 2008).

First we had Jimmy Page talking about being ready for a reunion tour - but clarifying that Robert Plant's schedule would be the real deciding factor in any decision for the band. This was a reference to Plant's planned tour with Alison Kraus, to promote their new album, 'Raising Sand'.

About this Page said,

"Robert Plant has a parallel project running and he’s really busy with that project," he explained. "Certainly until September, so I can’t give you any news.”

Most recently, we have heard snippets from Plant himself, saying that he has not completely ruled out a Led Zeppelin reunion tour somewhere down the road.

Wouldn't it be nice to get past this stage of things and start talking about the more 'juicy' concerns of things like, how much are the Led Zeppelin concert tickets going to cost and ... how on Earth wil I get one?

Wouldn't it be nice if a Led Zeppelin reunion tour were as easy to put together as an easy Rival Crock Pot recipe? Just bring the band members together in a controlled space, let them cook until they are ready, and have a full-fledged Zeppelin Tour ready to roll at the end of it all...

Well, Zep fans have waited this long, so what's another six months or so...?

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